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Sarasota FL Beach Guide

Siesta Key Palms Resort would like to personally introduce you to one of the world's greatest beaches. Dr. Beach ranked Siesta Key #1 for two years in a row. If you are looking to plan a memorable vacation or an event you can't forget, Siesta Key offers you miles of beautiful beaches and unforgettable sunsets. Join us to make memories that will last you a lifetime. Check out the North and South Villages of Siesta Key which offers restaurants, shoppes, and nightlife.



Siesta Key 

Siesta Beach


It's 99% pure-quartz sand, perhaps the finest and whitest you'll ever see, earned Siesta Key's, Siesta Beach a #1 rating on Dr. Beach and TripAdvisor.


Crescent Beach

You'll find more of this famous sand at Siesta Key's Crescent Beach, rated #10 on Travelocity's Top 25 Beaches in the United States.


Turtle Beach

Sun, surf and tranquility. At the southernmost end of Siesta Key is Turtle Beach, which is less crowded than Crescent or Siesta Key Public Beach. Features some of the tallest dunes in the area. Additionally, this beach offers trailer parking and docks.