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ADA Hotel

Siesta Key Palms Hotel features ADA-compliant, handicapped parking and curbs. The pool features a handicapped access ramp and lift to accommodate disabled guests, the doors and entryways throughout the hotel 32 inches wide or more, and the hallways, ramps and other routes are at least 36 inches wide throughout the hotel. The handicapped rooms feature bathrooms with at least 60-inch turnaround space for wheelchairs.

The roll in shower has 3 grab bars on the walls – two on the shower valves and one along the back wall.
The toilets are 17-19 inches above the bathroom floor, with a grab bar provided on the side wall closest to the toilet and on the wall behind the toilet.

Other accommodations necessary should be addressed to the hotel staff or by request, click here to visit our web accessibility page for additional information and to fill out a form. We strive to be the hotel for all our potential guests and if you have further individual requests, please call the hotel or fill out the form below and if we can reasonably accommodate the request, we will do so.

ADA Room Photos

Some photos of our disabled-access rooms are included on this website to enable potential hotel guests to evaluate and decide whether our hotel is a destination that will accommodate their needs.

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ADA Coordinator

Questions, comments, requests for additional assistance, or complaints can be submitted to the hotel below. Or please feel free to call us at (941) 786-4778.





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